The Best Alternative Venues In Los Angeles

You've just released new music, perfected a new comedy routine, finished the festival rounds with your film, or choreographed a new dance show. Now you're ready to perform live or screen your work on your own! All you need is a space to do it...

If you've ever tried to find a venue in Los Angeles, you know that this can actually be the most difficult endeavor. Bars, music halls, theaters, and other venues charge upwards of thousands of dollars to rent out their spaces. It's just not practical.

That's why we get a little creative - we find alternative, unique venues where you may perform or screen your work:

Whether it be a rooftop, an art gallery with a projector, an unused business space after-hours, or a decorative warehouse space, you can rest assured that we'll find you options that are affordable and fun. 

Best of all, most of the spaces we find are more flexible, allowing ticket holders to bring personal items such as blankets and pillows, alcoholic beverages and snacks, and more. It's the perfect way to plan private and social performances that bring you closer to your fans.