How To Transfer Tickets

transfer ticketsA quick Tutorial


Can't go to the show? have extra tickets?

We've got you covered. You can easily transfer all or some of your tickets to friends. 


Disclaimer: Once you've transferred a ticket to a friend, the ticket becomes your friend's property. You give up full responsibility for the ticket, and you will no longer qualify for a refund if the show is cancelled for any reason - your friend will receive the credit instead.

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Step one:

Start off by finding the ticket you want to transfer on Creative Canvas. You can find your tickets within the 'My Tickets' option within the Site Menu in the top toolbar (see photograph). Once you're on the page, click the 'View Ticket' button for the ticket that you want to transfer.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.21.33 PM.png

Step two:

View the ticket that you want to transfer by clicking the 'View Ticket' button.


Step three:

Once the ticket is open, click on the 'Transfer Tickets To Friends' button at the top of the screen.


Step Four:

Fill out the form with your friend's information and submit. You can transfer only as many tickets that exist in the package.



If the form was submitted correctly, you'll be shown a confirmation page. A confirmation email will be sent to you and to your friend. You friend will be given instructions that explain how to claim the tickets. You may cancel the transfer only before your friend claims the tickets by clicking the 'Cancel Transfer' button on the confirmation page.