Presales - A Better Way To Fundraise

There are so many crowdfunding platforms on the internet today, and all of them put your money at risk. It leaves us all asking the same question - "Why can't a platform protect money and refund contributors if a project fails?" 

That's why we decided to change the system from the ground up. Creative Canvas completely refunds your money for merchandise or rewards/discounts that you never receive when a project fails. 

It works like this: you and other fans can purchase merchandise from an artist on Creative Canvas or purchase a discount/reward that's related to the final product through a Presales Campaign. If the campaign is 100% successful, Creative Canvas will collect funds. Creative Canvas then takes responsibility for your money, and we keep it in a secured account until a project reaches distribution. Next, investors take on the risk of backing the project entirely. If a project fails to reach distribution, fans will receive a full refund for anything that they did not receive. If the project reaches distribution and fans receive what is promised to them, then presales funds are released to artists and investors.